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Who is PIN0L33KZ?

PIN0L33KZ is a tech enthusiast from Germany. He's currently in an apprenticeship as an IT specialist. In addition to that, he's writing and publishing small helpful tools (e.g. Color Palette Manager or Cloudflare DNS Updater). But more information about him and his projects here.

What's that WIKI about?

  • This WIKI acts as a small assistance/guide on how to set up and use his programs.
  • Also you'll get more information about him as a person or his software. (Like updates and changelogs)
  • On top of that you'll get a glimpse impression behind the scenes. (e.g. Dev Logs and so on)


This wiki is still in its earliest days. We called up a beta phase because we're so amazed to present our newest project.
Therefore this wiki won't have full coverage of our programs, but check back later to be up-to-date!

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